I am ready with all my experience as Psychologist, Performer and Creative to give you the best. If you want to receive constant support, ideas and personal companion in your paths in Magic or Mentalism, this is for you!

Online Mentoring will give you a exclusive opportunity of connection with 3 different services

1. Private Conversations: I know that sometimes you think: 
"I want to ask this but I dont want to bother..."

Now, you can freely ask anything and everything what you need without worries, using email, Facebook message or any other platform in which you are comfortable.

What can I perform in impromptu situations?
How can I structure my show?
How can I improve my performance?
How can I overcome fear?

and any other question that you have!

2. Exclusive Content: You will have access to a exclusive archive of content. Videos, eBooks, Audios, everything in my latest personal studies and advancements. Performance theory, techniques, reflections, real world advice, and more, with weekly updates for you.

3. Monthly Online Private Session ($50 Value)If you want face-to-face online communication, we talk about a specific topics in a one-on-one space.

Now, this is the crazy part.. the price.

You can get the "Online Mentoring" in three ways

I. Basic Level: In this you will get the "Private Conversations" and the "Exclusive Content" just for $9 Monthly!

II. Expanded Level: In this you will get all 3 services (Private Conversations, Exclusive Content and a Monthly 30 Minutes Online Session) just for $39 Monthly!

III Theo Level: In this you will get all 3 services (Private Conversations, Exclusive Content and a  monthly ONE HOUR Session) just for $70 Monthly!

Join us and expand your learning options and experiences! 
• • •